U.S. Capitol UFO Picture

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A Close Encounter at the U.S. Capitol by Will Allen.
Professional photographer and UFO researcher, Will Allen, is known for expertly documenting
and capturing UFO close encounters on film.  You'll want to learn more about him, his
photographs and UFO Color Texture Applications for HD 3D by visiting:

National Geographic Will Allen Photo Gallery
Mr. Allen, who gave us permission to
post this phenomenal UFO photograph
(see below), was on assignment using
Nikon F-100/F-5 film cameras, and a
Nikon Coolscan 4000@16 Bit PCM.

It's hard to believe that UFOs are flying
over the U.S. Capitol and there isn't
more captures or news about it.  

Obviously, the U.S. Government is
being observed from the heavens and
Mr. Allen has documented evidence.
Washington DC - U.S. Capitol UFO Picture
The following is what Mr. Allen had to
say about his fantastic UFO pictures:

"The entire roll of film has samples
which defy relative conditions, physics!
 I must say there is nothing like
standing beneath a UFO as it 'warps
out' on film!  There is nothing like
making contact with non-corporeal
entities that posed for pictures, as it
seems on this extraordinary sample;
considered the world's best
documented 'Close encounter of the
third kind.'"
"On July 26, 1952 and on July 16, 2002, UFOs visited the US Capitol Building, however this
time they were captured in HD.  On July 4th and 16th of 2002, I captured on film an
incursion on restricted airspace P-51 by unknown anomalies (UFOs). These images are
scientifically and forensically authenticated , and are the result of my film lab of which I
invented. To stand beneath a stationary UFO and take an extended duration image was
spectacular to say the least. To experience and photograph this event is within itself truly
remarkable, however to have these events repeat on film two additional times in the year
2002, is like winning the lottery three times in one year.  The images and the color texture
applications maintained the unusual luminosity of the source, making these colors and
textures unlike anything currently used on Earth."

Excellent UFO video from Will
Allen showing the history, film
and photographs of UFOs
over the U.S. Capitol.

"These are 35 mm film samples,
generated using Nikon ED glass

It is impossible that what I saw and
photographed are lens flares, which
the so called experts insist are (what?).
With flawless optics and Nikon F Color
Matrix 3-D metering technology, I was
able to capture the world's best UFO
samples in HD."
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