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2010 UFO sightings above Chinese cities stun many...

There has been a rash of UFO sightings and reports over China for October 2010.
These are some sensational UFO incidents! Some of the UFO stories are how they
have shut down airports and even caused an entire Chinese village to disappear!

The latest UFO spotted above China was in the southern city of Kunming. The
Kunming UFO Research Association was asked to identify silver saucer-shaped
objects hovering up in the skies above China. They were photographed by Dong Rong
while attempting to capture snapshots of the city's night scenes from West Mountain.
Two UFOs were in his photos.
Saucer flying over Kungming,
China shocks UFO reports!

Other UFOs were recently
spotted in China in the Shanxi
Province as well as the
Shaanxi Province. It was in the
Shaanxi province UFO event
which took place shortly after
the UFO incident in Shanxi.  Of
course the alien abduction of
an entire city in China is only a
rumor. Both provinces are
located in the center of China.
Chinese UFOs: UFO above Kungming China
Chinese UFO Hysteria?
There really seems to be a Chinese UFO epidemic brewing overseas. Either people
are seeing true UFOs, or there is military aircraft that resembles UFO spacecraft, or
people's imagination is running rampant! Since June 30th of 2010, UFOs have been
reportedly seen in Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu, Hunan, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guangdong, Inner
Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi, and now Kumning. Of all these UFO reports, only three of
them had government explanations released to local news media in order to quiet
speculation: The Sichuan UFO was reported to be a kit with a light; the Guandong
UFO was said to be plane exhaust; the Zhejiang UFO that stalled the Xiaoshan Airport
on July 7th was thought to be the result of a private plane that was misidentified.
Interestingly, the Inner Mongolia UFO closed down another airport.

UFOs in China or a cover-up / conspiracy? You decide...
UFO video of
what is claimed
to be the
of an entire
Chinese village.

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stories in China,

Chinese UFO

China UFO
This story of a Chinese town disappearing was published on Yahoo! News - China:  

(Xinhua Ji Nan) 10-13-10:“We have heard yesterday at 4 am, that a village at the end of the Qinling
Mountains completely disappeared overnight. A large number of (military) troops sealed off the area...”