UFO Videos: Government Cover-Up?

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Witness to several UFO sightings and crash at a missile base.
As a witness of a UFO crash and a lift off while stationed at a missile facility
in Maryland, Mr. Harland Bentley briefly recounts this experience, his
conversation with a radar controller who witnessed 20 or more UFOs
hovering over the base, and an astronaut’s conversation about avoiding a
collision with a UFO.  
(Following videos from The Disclosure Project)
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The first UFO video is said to have photos from a UFO instruction film by the
US government used in 1957-1958 at Edwards AFB where a UFO landed.  
The film is said to have
leaked, and has been referred to by more than one
person, including the late astronaut Gordon Cooper.
UFO Crashes and Alien Body Recovery

Sgt. Clifford Stone (US Army) was involved in a dozen of these types of rare
extraterrestrial events that were and still are kept secret from the general
Attorney was witness to UFO cover-up by government and Vatican.

Attorney Daniel Sheehan was told by a high-ranking government official
that in 1977 President Carter ordered CIA Director George H. Bush to
release all information related to UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligences.  
The request was denied.  Attorney Sheehan also tried to gather information
from the Vatican and was denied.
USAF Major didn't believe in UFOs.  Watch video of his account.

An experienced pilot, Maj. George A. Filer, III, of US Air Force Intelligence,
didn’t believe in UFOs until he was asked in 1962 to chase one. In 1978, he
was told a UFO had crashed at Ft. Dix and that an alien had walked off of
the ship and was shot by military police.
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