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Welcome to our UFO sightings page.  You'll find various UFO
videos concerning
sightings, as well as a map of  UFO
sightings for the current month.
Above: Map of North American UFO sightings.

Across North America there are thousands of UFO sightings annually.  
The map at left is a representation of only some of the reported UFO
sightings that have occurred this month.

You can also view a World Time-Line Map of UFO Sightings
With the sheer number of UFOs being witnessed, something is taking place
within our skies (see
UFOs Sightings over Texas, as an example).  Are the
UFO sightings the cause of experimental military aircraft, or is there something
bigger happening in the air? Also see:
UFOs & US Presidents

The following videos are a collection of just a few of the UFO sightings
reported from around the world.
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UFO Sightings
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This is a video of NASA exploring space and possibly finding UFOs.   At 4:30
you will see unidentified objects that seem to be intelligent Nasa tries to explain
them as being reflection.

Also at 4:41, you'll see a frame that points out the UFO's. Try pausing to
freeze the frame.  See more
UFO Videos