UFO Sighting - Area 51

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By Kathy and Travis O.
Several years ago, a UFO sighting occurred on route 93 near area 51...just east of it.
When my husband Travis and I were
driving for Dick Simon Trucking, we had a
load going to Las Vegas which we had
picked up in Minnesota.  We hit the Nevada
border in Jackpot, Nevada and headed
south on 93.  We had made a stop in
Alamo, Nevada at a small truck stop - gas
station, purchased some coffee and
headed on south.  

We were near Area 51, it was dark and
about 9:00 at night.  The compass up on
the dashboard of the truck began spinning
crazily, with no sense of direction...it just
kept spinning non-stop.  The truck was
also acting a little funny and we thought it
was going to stall a couple of times.
I was driving with Travis in the jump seat, when he looked out his window to see a dark aircraft following
us, no lights not even a beacon light...nothing.  The moon was out that night, and whatever this thing
was, just sparkled in the moonlight.  I would say it was about twenty yards from the truck, but skimming
across the desert floor.  It was also jet-black, but had a metallic look to it.  The crazy thing about it was
that it was doing maneuvers that none of our aircraft can do.  It would zip left, then right, and then it
would zip upward and back down.  It could go backwards and then forwards within a split second.
The shape of it was that of triangular shape
with a pointed nose...kind of like the one in
the movie
The Navigator, but more stealth
looking.  The compass continued to go wild
as long as this craft was next to us, and
Travis' wristwatch stopped working.  

I looked every chance I could since I was
driving, but didn't want to crash by taking my
eyes off the road too long.  Travis and I were
both in shock at what we were looking at, but
in the same sense scared to death as we
didn't know what this thing wanted or what it
would do.  It followed us for a good ten
minutes and then it just disappeared, going
straight up into the air.
After the UFO left, I stopped right in the middle of this dark highway, jumped out of the truck, and not to
see if the UFO was gone, but to throw up!  I dropped to my knees and gasped for air, having never
been so scared in my entire life.
UFO Sighting Drawing by Travis O.
UFO Sighting Map Near Area 51
Area 51 Map
Above: Area 51 map shows route 93 just east of the Air Force Range in which Area 51 is
located, and indicated by the pale yellow rectangle.  Kathy and Travis' UFO sighting was just
east of Area 51 on 93.