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UFO News Stories from around the World!

2013 UFO News!
January 2013 - UFO Spotted Over Slovenia
Spacecraft with a tail hovered above a nuclear facility...

February 2013 - Russian Meteor UFO Pictures
A terrifying meteor over Russia was hit and broken up by an
unidentified flying object. See the pictures and video!

March 2013 - Scientists Debunk Alien Life?
Are aliens and UFOs just a pipe-dream based upon Earth

April 2013 - Romanian Parliament UFO Picture
Crazy hovering, flying, blue disc is huge!

May 2013 - UFO & Commercial Jet Almost Crash!
Glasgow Airport had an odd report of a "near miss."

June 2013 - Stonehenge UFO Picture Emerges!
The Brits release an incredible photo of a UFO over the historic

2012 UFO News!
January 2012 - UFO Sightings Videos
We share some phenomenal UFO videos of sightings from around
the globe!

February 2012 - UFO Videos Filmed in 2012
Already UFO spaceships are being filmed this year around the world.

March 2012 - Native American Navajo UFO Sighting
Spotted in the skies in January near Chinle, Arizona. Good account!

April 2012 - Sub Orbital Spacescraft
How about balloon flight into space?

May 2012 - Hypersonic Spacecraft
Speed, speed and more speed. These UFOs are identified!

June 2012 - Military Drone is Mistaken for UFO
Washington DC is thought by some to have a spacecraft in its midst...

August 2012 - Mars UFOs in Martian Skies?
Photographs from "Curiosity" surface with objects in the sky.

September 2012 - Melbourne UFO Sighting(s)
Is this region in Australia becoming a UFO "hotbed"?

October 2012 - UFO Sightings Over Texas
What's up with the rise of UFOs sighted over the Lone Star State?

November 2012 - UFOs & US Presidents
Could United States leaders have believed in UFOs?

December 2012 - UFO Sightings: Not All are Real
We take a look at increases in UFO reports and UFO fakery...

2011 UFO News!
January 2011 - UFO Over Jerusalem!
The most shocking UFO news event of the new year! A hovering light
was spotted by multiple people over the Dome of the Rock!

February 2011 - UFO Movie Coming This Spring
Battle: Los Angeles opens in theaters March 11th. In order to
promote the film and make people aware of the 1942 event that
inspired its creation, Sony Pictures has released a huge press
release about the UFO story. Many believe that possibly 25 UFOs
cause the United States Military to open fire on the skies above
Also see: UFO Picture History  

March 2011 - Colorado UFO
Man films UFO over Lafayette near Denver and makes the news
(FOX and other broadcasting companies). Three lights intrigue
YouTube watchers of the clip...but can it be explained?

April 2011 - FBI UFO Note
The FBI blog recently released a memo from 1950, detailing an
informant's account of UFOs in New Mexico, alien bodies and all. Is
this the smoking gun that proves a government cover-up?

May 2011 - Roswell UFO: Russian Hoax?
A new book makes the claim that the Roswell UFO and aliens were
really Russian-created in order to induce panic in the United States.

June 2011 - Mars Base Pictures?
Davide Martines posted a video showing Google Mars zooming into
what may be a U.S. - built base on the red planet.

July 2011 - Area 51 Spy Planes: UFOs?
What was hidden at the secret airbase and could it have been seen
as UFOs?

August 2011 - UFO Over Essex
Video of multiple UFOs surfaces. Is it a hoax?

September 2011 - Blackholes & Alien Communication
Have we been receiving messages from the cosmos and could our
messages be finding their way to other alien life forms?

October 2011 - Roswell UFO Crash Debris?
Interesting videos surface of supposed piece of metal from the 1947
crash site at Roswell, New Mexico!

November 2011 - White House Denies Extraterrestrial
Official statement on aliens in 2011 from the Obama White House!

December 2011 - Extraterrestrail Life Forms Found?
NASA scientist finds possible evidence of life existing before Earth...