Sub Orbital Spacecraft

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Why not just float up into space like a party balloon? That idea is being explored by
"America's OTHER Space Program,"
JP Aerospace. Taking the dirigible idea a lot
further, JPA is developing Vee Airships as sub orbital spacecraft. What's interesting is
that JP Aerospace is known as a "volunteer-based DIY Space Program."

The following images were sent to us by the organization and are "prototypes for
orbital vehicles." The first picture of a sub orbital vehicle is their "small" prototype and
the second photo is the JPA's "Large Vehicle" floating in a hangar. (Note how small
the people look in relation to its size.)
A book about sub orbital flight and the aircraft to get there can be purchased on the JP
Aerospace website. It's entitled, "Floating to Space." The organization has been
known for its "Space Ads," taking photographs of company's logos or slogans during
space flight with earth in the background.

Below, are videos of the sub orbital spacecraft: