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Slovenia UFO Picture: Enlargement
Slovenia UFO
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A Slovenia area of industry had a surprise visit by an unidentified flying object or two near Krsko. Not only did the UFOs fly, but they hovered above a nuclear facility. The UFOs were described by onlookers as being shiny or lights that stood out as bright in the night sky.

It's actually not clear as to whether there was one or two UFOs. Some believe the disc-shapped space or aircraft had a tail behind it - definitely not your typical UFO feature. Others believe it could have been a second UFO behind it. Both objects appeared to be of different size and color.
Close-up of the UFO. At right, you can see a red disc that trails it in the video (below).

People who live here say it is not likely that it is a weather balloon. Also, it appears there have been numerous sightings of UFOs above the same nuclear power plant in Slovenia.

Is it extra-terrestrial? You decide...