Seattle UFO Picture

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Seattle UFO Picture
Holly DeLaughter took this picture of what may be a UFO over Seattle:

"...taken in Seattle, WA, August 3rd (2007) on my way to work for Hay House Publishing  
during Sylvia and Colette's Spiritual Connections Tour.   I didn't see the UFO or silver thing
with my naked eye, and was really taking pictures of the Blue Angels... I had to have them!  
They were racing around and around in the sky...lots of circles over Seattle.  This was very
close to the Space Needle, on the freeway right before I exited.
  It took me approximately five
to ten minutes to get off the freeway and into the parking garage at the convention center.  
The Blue Angels were still circling Seattle when I went inside."
UFO with Blue Angels?
Close-up of the UFO
flying near the Blue
Angels in Seattle,

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