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Galaxy: Do Aliens Exist Outside of Earth?
Does alien life exist beyond earth and our solar system?
Scientist Debunks Alien Life?
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Scientists are working to debunk theories that aliens could ever exist - or at least the Hollywood version of aliens and UFOs. The professor leading the charge is Charles Cockell from the University of Edinburgh. Recently, in 2013, even though micro-organisms have the ability to exist elsewhere in the universe, the good doctor feels it is quite a jump to believe that life could have evolved elsewhere into gun-wielding aliens with flying saucer-shaped spacecraft.
Dr. Cockell believes there really are limits to life on other planets. Even if aliens were to exist, they would be extremely hard to detect, according to Dr. Cockell. Despite more than 800 extra solar planets, discovered orbiting stars since the early 1990s, he asserts that many people assume life is common across the universe when it is not. On our Earth, life is pervasive with carbon providing the energy for organisms to exist. But other orbs in space may not have that luxury.

Why is Dr. Cocknell speaking out about this topic? He believes that we shouldn't be making assumptions about life having to exist elsewhere like it's a given because it could be deemed as failure when attempts to find signs of other living organisms do not pan out. And, even if aliens do exist, we might not have the ability to even detect its signature on other planets we are able to explore. Alien life could be very different from planet to planet, in otherwards, making alien life forms difficult to identify if it exists at all.

As time progresses, though, it's a sure bet we will have better technology that will enable us to see beyond our solar system at far away planets. But even with a better telescope at our disposal, and due to how we currently believe life must exist (based upon what we know to be true on Earth), will we even be able to recognize it from afar?
Does alien life exist beyond earth and our solar system?