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Russian Meteor UFO: Saved by Aliens?
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Russian Meteor UFO Intervention
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Russian meteor strike made big headlines in February, 2013 when it exploded above central Russia, injuring a thousand people, damaging buildings and raining fragments down upon the land. It was bigger than the a-bomb that destroyed Hiroshima during World War II, with the atmosphere absorbing most of the shock. In fact, to onlookers, it appeared brighter than the sun at one point.

A video surfaced right after the event, showing a UFO making impact with the meteor as it lit up the sky. The unidentified flying object can be seen in the video, flying from left to right across the screen. As it hits the Russian meteor, the UFO caused an explosion of debris as it exits. Very compelling, this video, captured by an eyewitness, has some wondering if aliens were saving people of our planet from a greater catastrophe.
Three photos show the progression of the Russian Meteor UFO. Is this proof of an alien intervention? (We've also included the UFO Meteor video at the bottom of the page.)

In the first photo (above), the UFO heads toward the meteor. The second photo (below) shows debris shattering from the meteor after UFO strikes it. The third photo (below) shows the unidentified flying object moving past the meteor, seemingly unscathed.