Roswell UFO Crash Debris

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For decades, people have been collecting possible UFO crash debris
from around the Roswell, New Mexico area - the site of what's known
as "the Roswell incident" from 1947. We have found video of some
metallic pieces supposedly from the
Roswell UFO crash site itself;
and, we must admit that these pieces of metal seem to behave oddly.
We must keep in mind that metal from a
Roswell UFO was shipped to
Canton, Ohio for testing.

In the first UFO crash debris video, we will see the small metallic
objects sent to J. P. Warren by Chuck Wade for testing:
In the second video of the UFO crash debris, a piece of metal
behaves oddly when subjected to a field of positive ions generated by
a Van de Graaff machine. The metal piece spins out of control, yet
reacts to a human finger and a magic wand; then, the UFO crash
debris goes back into place and repeats its odd behavior.