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How German Flying Saucers eventually became U.S. military aircraft UFOs.
German UFO Prototype Flying Saucer
The idea of the flying saucer can be traced back to
Nazi Germany.  During World War II, Hitler employed
scientists to develop weaponry  to win the war through
superior technology, and Flying saucers was an integral
part of his plan.  See:
Nazi Flying Saucers

The flying saucer technology came to the United States,
and possibly Russia, via German scientists whom both
countries captured and put into their employ.

The following flying saucers videos detail the history of
real UFOs, the flying saucers that men created as
potential war machines.  
For more on this, read: Flying Saucer History.
Does the United States still possess the flying saucer technology, and if so, has the military
perfected flying disc aircraft capable of super-sonic speeds and space flight?  If so, then
the same technology that spawned the Stealth Fighter could be even more adept at being
undetectable, even uncatchable by enemy weapons.  Perhaps technology such as this, if it
does exist, explains why there have been so many UFO sightings after World War II.
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