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Apollo 12 UFO Picture    
NASA 1969 moon mission
UFO there an
alien in this picture?

Apollo 14 UFO Pictures  
NASA 1971 moon mission
images...look for UFO in
these photos...

Apollo 15 UFO Pictures  
NASA 1971 moon mission
images...scan for UFOs in
this picture.

Apollo 16 UFO Pictures  
NASA 1972 moon mission
images...UFO discussion
rages about these pics.

Atlantis UFO Picture      
Space shuttle Mission
STS-37 UFO over earth...
UFOs are still around our

Discovery UFO Picture  
Space shuttle Mission
STS-51 UFO over
earth...another UFO photo.
NASA UFO pictures are
extremely controversial
for obvious reasons.

NASA denies
allegations that UFO
encounters have
occurred and many
speculate that a
government cover-up
regarding the existence
of UFOs is occurring
still today.

Many of the NASA
photos released to the
public contain oddities
that the government wants to explain away.  Many who study UFOs believe the
the pictures to the left are fine examples of "something more" going on in space.

Take a look at the NASA ufo pictures and you decide for yourself.

There is a 2009 Nasa space video of UFOs you should see at:
UFO Sightings.  Watch the bottom video...
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