Military Drones: Do they look like UFOs?

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A UFO looking military drone is transported in Maryland.
Two military drones look like UFOs...
Washington DC UFO is just an unmanned military drone.
Can a Military Drone Be Mistaken for a UFO?
Yes, it can, and one example of mistaken identity
occurred in Washington, DC in 2012. People in
the city were sharing stories about seeing a
flatbed semi-truck hauling what looked to many
like a UFO. And one would have to admit that this
aircraft did indeed look like a flying saucer. But, Fox News in DC aired a news story,
identifying the unidentified flying object as a military drone. Here is a photo of the drone
as it passed through Washington:
Photos of the UFO, er, military drone were being posted online on websites such as
Twitter. Of course, transporting the UFO-looking airship at 11 PM at night didn't help
assuade fears and conspiracy theorists who thought maybe the U.S. Government was
sneaking a spaceship into the nation's capital. It turned out the military drone is an
unmanned piece of fighting technology called the X-47B Combat Air System. It was
being moved all the way from an air force base in California to a naval air station in

The next photo of a military drone was taken in Patuxent (aka Pax) River, Maryland in
And our last photo, showing two military drones, gives a better view of how they look
on the tarmac. Drones are big enough to look like small UFOs, evoking ideas that tiny
alien creatures are piloting them.