Melbourne UFO Story & Video

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UFO video taken by
Tod Sloan over
Melbourne, Australia's
Carlton Gardens.

Is Melbourne
becoming a UFO

Below Left:
Screencapture of the
blinking UFO over
A blinking UFO was spotted by citizens, hovering above Melbourne, Australia's Carlton
Gardens September 22nd. A video of the Melbourne UFO shows a blue, blinking circle
high above and traveling at a slow rate of speed.

The Melbourne UFO was seen for at least 2 hours as reports came in between
7:30-11:00 PM from various witnesses who described seeing amazing patterns of light
emanating from the unidentified flying object. Experts thought the sighting not too
spectacular or paranormal even though they had not seen it. Their basis was simply the
length of time it remained visible to observers, noting that if it was in the sky for that
long, it must not be too strange.

The Carlton Gardens area of Melbourne has had other UFO sightings reported there.
Some have seen flying objects that form patterns of lights in the sky that were unusual.
Some have described seeing "orange lights" in a formation. A speeding disc-shaped
UFO with red, green and blue lights was recently video recorded in the same region
just a few days before the latest UFO sighting over Melbourne.
Melbourne Australia UFO