McLeod UFO Picture

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Billy McLeod of the UK recently sent us this UFO picture he captured.  
Here's what he had to say about it:

"I got this photograph while researching and photographing electromagnetic
fields around communication masts, power lines, pylons and wind turbines. I
have caught some very unusual pictures in the last three years but this one
is the weirdest of them all! The "craft" appeared in the middle frame of  three
taken over a total of six seconds. Has anyone ever photographed anything
"It does not fit the stereo -typical UFO profile (discs, cigar shapes etc.) but
in my opinion is from either a parallel dimension or a dimension that exists
just out of visible frequency to our own in an electromagnetic sense. I have
only seen one theory that possibly explains what I have been
photographing for the last three years. An American called, Jay Alfred, has
a website dealing with his theory of "Plasma Life Forms" that he claims exist
in the Earth's magnetic field."
McLeod UFO Picture
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