Pictures: Mars Base?

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Is there a Base on the Planet Mars? Look at these Mars Base Pictures...
Recently, David Martines sparked some controversy when he used Google Mars,
which operates like Google Earth, to zoom into the red planet. Lo and behold, he
discovered what looks to be a constructed base on the surface of Mars. Some have
said that this object is not an established base for people to inhabit but simply the
formation of ice crystals, or maybe "cosmic energy." We must admit the pictures from
Mars, as well as the video itself, are still pretty impressive.

In the video, Martines zooms in on the Mars base that he has dubbed "Bio Station
Alpha." He describes the image as having cylindrical shapes.

The coordinates are: 71 49'19.73"N 29 33'06.53"W
The Mars base
named "Bio Station
Alpha" is white and
quite large: 750 feet
long by 150 feet
wide. Some ice
crystal! All three
pictures of the Mars
base show different
views and different

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Martines uploaded a
video to YouTube
which demonstrates
him zooming in on
the base.
(You can
watch it below left.)

Martines claims the
base has red, white
and blue stripes
(meaning it possibly
could have been built
by the United States)
and that he has told
NASA about it but
received no
response from them.

Do these photos
show a Martian base
for habitation?

You decide...