Jerusalem UFO Over Dome of the Rock

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UFO Hovers Above Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem!
Built upon the Jewish holy site known as the "temple mount" in the city of Jerusalem is
the Dome of the Rock Muslim holy site. On January 29th, 2011, several videos shot
around the same time (1:00 AM in the morning and from different vantage points of the
shrine) show a moving light -- a UFO above the golden dome. The videos surfaced
around the same time, causing much discussion about what it must mean, assuming
that the UFO videos and pictures taken in the holy city are, indeed, real. That could be a
huge assumption.

Opinions as to the authenticity of the Jerusalem UFO videos and photos have become
skeptical, especially when the videos are studied in detail. The question is whether or
not someone went to the trouble of shooting and creating multiple films of the same
UFO sighting from various positions around the city in order to create a hoax.

Here are two different photographs of the Jerusalem UFO:
Jerusalem UFO Video.

Does it reveal some
shaking and several
inconsistencies that
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