How To Make A UFO

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How to make a UFO...
Have you ever wanted to fool friends with a
UFO flying overhead?

We have and thought it would be cool to track down
some ideas on how to make a UFO.  Balloons with
lights have been often confused for UFOs, so let's
make it simple, inexpensive and fun!
How to make a UFO!
October 15th, 2009 the Heene family of
Colorado built a UFO-type craft and pulled a
prank that's landed them into hot water (and
possibly jail).  
Warning: Do not hoax law
enforcement or you may pay dearly.

That said, we wanted to provide some links
and ideas on how to build a UFO that might
fool your friends.  Problem is that if the UFO
is seen by a neighbor, you might cause a stir.
 So, be warned, once again!

The following are ideas and links on how to
make a UFO - from quick and cheap to more
costly.  Enjoy!
How To Make A Plastic Bag UFO
Insert a latex, helium balloon and glow-sticks into a plastic bag, tie some long, kite string to it and float it
up high, away from trees and buildings.  For best results, try this at dusk.

How To Make A Mylar Balloon UFO
Very similar to above UFO trick, but using a Mylar balloon filled with helium.  Attach kite string to the
center of one of the flat sides and trim off the balloons valve stem.  Scotch tape some small glow sticks
(evenly spaced) around the outside edges for lights and release at dusk.
Chinese Glow Lanterns
These have become very popular of late,
being released at weddings and special
occasions.  Of course, they are also
mistaken for UFOs.  I can recall them being
spotted near an airport and mass hysteria
began.  So, be careful releasing these.

Glow lanterns are available in all sorts of
sizes and shapes, from hearts to mini-hot air
balloon shaped.  They also vary in color.  
They are also known as Chinese Sky
Lanterns, Flying Lanterns and Glo-Lanterns.  
You may purchase them at Amazon or eBay
and may be fit for UFO modification.

However, you could just build your own...
Make A UFO Hot Air Balloon:
Learn how to make your own
inexpensive, flying lantern - a
cool, UFO balloon.

It's cheap, easy and looks odd
flying in the air!  Sit back and
watch the video at right and
learn how to build your own UFO.

Build Your Own UFO!
How about making a UFO you
can ride in?  This is an
expensive and complicated
project, but check this UFO
how-to website out!
How To Make A UFO Display
Some PVC pipe, a cable, a cardboard
cylinder, and some thin plastic skin and you
are in business for a great decoration!

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