Controlled By Reptilians

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We Live in a World Controlled by Reptilians
A Look at David Icke’s book The Biggest Secret
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter
Let’s go back to the Sumerian clay tablets.
Could the Anunnaki be a race of reptilian
beings from another planet? Could David
Icke be right, that an extraterrestrial race of
reptilian aliens are in control of this Earth?
That they may have been in control of
mankind since the beginning of time? I must
admit it is interesting on how in the Ubaid
culture, which existed between 5000 BC and
4000 BC, their gods are represented as
reptilian looking. Why did so many ancient
cultures depict their gods as reptilian? We
have reptilian gods in Central America to the
American Hopi Indians to East Indians. There
is even an ancient serpent mound in Ohio.
The Egyptians had their serpent god Kneph
and the Phoenicians had their serpent god
Agathodemon. Let’s not forget all of the Asian cultures with their multitude of dragons. Some of these
dragons had god status.

Look around, there are all kinds of fire breathing dragons thrown into our myths, legends and history.
Why was ancient mankind so fascinated with reptiles? Ancient civilizations believed that the reptilians
originated from the Draco star constellation. The Draco system includes the star Thurban, which was
once the North Star. The same star that Egyptian pyramids are orientated. A Hopi Indian legend says
that there are complex catacombs, caverns & tunnels underneath Los Angeles that once housed the
lizard race, some 5000 years ago. It is said that Freemasonic rituals are now conducted in these
complex tunnel systems. Freemasonry and other secret societies connect to the ancient Egyptian
culture and serpent type of gods. No wonder the Freemasons would be interested in those tunnels
underneath Los Angeles.

Could the Earth really have been visited by a reptilian race? Could these reptilians be part of a special
blood line that creates full bloods, which would include leading brotherhood families like the Rothschilds,
Rockefellers, Bushes & the Windsors? Sounds absurd huh? Since I mentioned the Windsors, a close
Mr. U told me that he has not experimented
in time traveling with this machine and has
been using it for health reasons. He feels
that the machine does accommodate his
health care. I asked Mr. U if he could turn on
the machine, so I could go back into the time
period of 1875, New Mexico, so I could meet
and talk with Billy the Kid. Mr. U would not
turn on the machine, he was worried that bad
consequences could occur and he does not
want to be held liable for any misfortune that
could befall upon myself.  This is reasonable,
but unfortunately it does not assist me in my
quest to see if a time machine actually does
exist or if this contraption actually works.  
humanoids seem to be in control of the abduction of humans and DNA experimentation. Can this DNA
experimentation be in collaboration of the military and the reptilians at underground complexes at
Dulce, New Mexico?

As I read David Icke’s book, he hits home on many things, as listed here:

a) it appears that many of our ancient myths, religious beliefs tell of crossbreeding, even in Genesis 6:
14 – “when men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons
of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any them they chose…” Note:
In some of our myths, it appears that hybrids had prestige within society, as one demigod looks down at
Hercules and says…”let him in, he’s half god”.

b) In the Sumerian tablets, Enlil is described
as the Splendid Serpent of the Shining Eyes,
while his half brother Enki is represented with
two entwined serpents (similar to the ancient
caduceus – symbol of the modern medical

David Icke connects the Babylonian
Brotherhood to the reptilians that came to
this Earth from the Draco star constellation.
The incredible ways they are able to
maneuver from our dimension to other
dimensions. How ancient reptilians required
sacrifices, because of their thirst for blood.
The status quo of setting a bloodline
among powerful families that control banks, institutions and corporations. With these interconnecting
bloodlines, the reptilians have controlled Earth for thousands of years. If you ever wondered why great
extraterrestrial races don’t come down to Earth to take control, is because they are already in control.

David Icke has taken many puzzle pieces and made a big picture. He connects many dots and
recreates the same picture. After reading a book like ‘The Biggest Secret’, you will have to wonder if
the connected dots and completed puzzle actually do make any sense.
I ask myself the following questions after
reading this book:

1. Why do so many ancient cultures
worship reptilian looking gods?

2. Why do many secret societies have a
reptilian connection?

3. Why do so many great world leaders
have connections to some of the most
powerful secret societies from The
Bilderburgs to Skull and Bones to
Freemasonry to the Trilateral Commission?

4. Why do so many religions around the
world have similar stories? The Hopi
Indians have a similar story that sounds
very close to the Tower of Babel story. The
Sumerian clay tablets talk about two stories
that sound similar to Noah’s Ark and the
Garden of Eden, but yet the Sumerian clay
tablets were created way before the Bible
was created.
Controlled by Reptilians
Picture:  Paul Dale Roberts with Producer of Ives Street
Entertainment.  Paul did the documentary: Angels & Demons.
David Icke’s believes the Reptilian’s agenda is the complete control of the planet without anyone
realizing what happened. The complete control has a name, it’s called the New World Order. Secret
societies are connected to the New World Order. Secret signs and images are found on our one dollar
bill that points to the New World Order. The design or plan would be centered on a world government
that would make all major decisions in the world. The New World Order would control world central
banks, currency (all electronic – no cash) and the New World Order Army. The population of the planet
would all be microchipped that would be linked to a Union. The unions or should I call them super
States would be The European Union, the American Union, the Pacific Union and possibly an African
Union. If the New World Order is created and if there are reptilians on the earth, they would be in full
control and there wouldn’t be much we could do about it. A special note: If we were all microchipped, it
is very coincidental that the accepted computer code for microchips starts with the number ‘666’.

David Icke tells a good story. He connects a lot of dots. I hope his discoveries are fallacy, because if
his theory is true. We are in some big trouble. It’s funny, I am finishing up this article and I turn on my
television and the program is talking about Dracula. Wouldn’t you know it that Dracula’s name
originates from the word ‘Draco’ – the Dragon. Vlad Tepes aka Dracula was of Romanian loyalty. Did
the Reptilians have control over Romanian/Transylvania through Dracula to deal with the Turks? The
Reptilian connection goes on and on and on. Thank you David Icke for enlightening us. With the
substantial evidence you have presented, it's enough to build a case on. Great book!

Stay tuned, my next article I will discuss Margie Garcia's sighting of a UFO in San Francisco and
actually seeing the occupants of the UFO through the windows of the UFO! A sighting that happened
in 1976!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Ghostwriter & Demonologist
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Controlled By Reptilians used with permission by UFO Picture
confidant to Princess Diana told her the
Windsors were reptiles. It appears the
reptilian are completely out of control. Many
people who read David Icke’s reptilian
theories, believe the reptilians are setting the
stage for the New World Order through
various secret societies. Military workers
believe Dulce, New Mexico is controlled by
reptilians and that they have underground
genetic labs there. One worker describes
‘Nightmare Hall’ in which the worker
describes seeing multi-legged humans that
look half human and half octopus, winged
humanoids, grotesque bat creatures and on
and on. I added this in, because most alien
abductees claim that the Grays are working
with reptilian humanoids. The reptilian