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Commercial Jet & UFO Almost Crash
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Incredibly, a United Kingdom passenger jet on a commercial flight came dangerously close to crashing into a UFO at Glasgow Airport in Scotland, April 2013. The UFO came within only 300 feet of the airliner but did not set off the standard warning system that alarms when aircraft come too close in proximity. The paranormal encounter caused the Airbus A320's pilot questioned controllers whether or not the TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) was working. The pilot filed a report of the "near miss."
The UFO was described as blue, yellow and silver in color, small and moved quickly.

Interestingly, air traffic control could not "see" the UFO on radar, though they did have something unidentified, tracking about 28 seconds prior to the close encounter with the UFO. At that time, it was over a mile away.