Winston Churchill UFO Cover-up

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Prime Minister Winston Churchill was Responsible for a 50 Year UFO Cover-up

Last month, the British government released documents that revealed Winston
Churchill covered up UFO sightings by the military. Hundreds of previously undisclosed
UFO records unveiled by Britain includes a letter claiming that Winston Churchill
ordered a cover-up. What was hidden? Churchill didn't want it revealed that an RAF
bomber crew had encountered a UFO during World War II. The hush and cover-up
were put in place for 50 years by Winston Churchill.

What's most interesting is that contained within the UFO files that were veiled includes
dozens of eyewitness accounts, notes and sketches of UFO aircraft. The World War II
RAF bomber crew who witnessed the UFO was returning from a mission over Europe.
At that time, they were approached by the UFO that is described in the report as
looking "metallic" and "hovered noiselessly." Purportedly, the RAF crew also took
photographs of the UFO, but where the pictures are at remains a mystery. Later,
United States General Dwight D. Eisenhower was made aware of the UFO encounter
in-person by Winston Churchill himself. Both men agreed to the cover-up and to keep it
top secret.

The documents released contain many other interesting UFO encounters from the time
after the first incident known as "the cold war." Prime Minister Churchill ordered that
the UFO files remain secret for fifty years because he feared the news would cause
public panic and a loss of religious faith.
Prime Minister Winston Churchill
makes the 'V' sign for victory near
the end of World War II.

Did Churchill do anyone a favor
by ordering the British UFO
cover-up that lasted fifty-plus
Winston Churchill - UFO Cover-up