Chinese UFO Embassy Picture & Story

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So do you think that UFOs are not taken serious by governments? Check out
the details concerning China's plans to create a UFO Embassy!

"The Kunlun Mountains near Tibet are said to be the targeted site for a special facility
to be constructed by the Chinese government. Numerous sightings of UFOs over
China in the past decades have caused concern and a desire to partnership with the

In Chinese history, it is believed that alien contact has been made in the past, ushering
in a "Golden Age." The last time this occurred is believed to have been over 3000
years ago. Chinese officials are hopeful that another special age is on the cusp of
arriving, and China should be prepared.

Ancient bases of UFOs from thousands of years ago are said to be hidden with the
Kunlun Mountains. An extraterrestrial return to the region could mark a significant era,
especially if humanity is to evolve. It is believed that aliens once worked here to create
humans, working with "Three Wise Kings." No one knows for certain if UFO sightings
are an indication that extraterrestrials have been monitoring their creation from afar, or

In an effort to broker a new relationship, the Chinese government has planned to
create a UFO embassy in this same region. Will the aliens accept their gesture? Non
one knows for sure, but it would appear that the Chinese want to take the first step to
welcome such a relationship.
Possible depiction of
the proposed
Chinese UFO
Embassy - a building
for study and
brokering a
relationship with