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Did the Roswell UFO come to Canton, Ohio's Timken Company for Testing?
The Roswell UFO Travel to Canton?
Sometime in July, 1947 a UFO crashed
in the New Mexico desert. On July 8th,
The Roswell Army Air Field released a
press announcement stating that an
unidentified flying disc had crashed and
been recovered. This headline shocked
the world, as public eyewitnesses of flying
saucers had been coming forth to the
press from other parts of the country prior
to the Roswell incident. Now the military
had proof of UFOs? Quickly, the U.S.
Military changed its story, stating that the
wreckage had only been a man-made,
weather balloon. Many believed the
United States government; some did not.
Sometime later that summer, a truck driver for the Timken Company in Canton, Ohio would
become part of the mysterious Roswell UFO story. Ralph A. Multer, a World War II veteran,
was asked to join two other drivers to pick up some special freight at a local railroad yard. It
took three flat-bed trucks to haul the loads covered with canvas back to Timken Steel. Oddly,
there were security officials escorting them back to the plant: FBI agents.
Testing the Roswell UFO Wreckage
Curious about what he was a part of,
Ralph Multer decided to ask one of the
agents about it. He was instructed not to
tell anyone about what he was about to
hear: The trucks were carrying pieces of
a flying saucer that had been recovered
in the New Mexico desert. The UFO
wreckage had been shipped to Canton
in order to test the materials.

“Why would parts of a UFO come to
Canton?” Multer must have wondered.
The quick answer is that Timken  had a
reputation for creating very hard metals
at extremely high temperatures. Their super-hot ovens and expertise in metallurgy would be
perfect to investigate the properties of the possibly unknown materials. Multer was curious the
results of the testing taking place inside Timken, so he asked a friend. Allegedly, the
employee-friend claimed the materials were lightweight, metallic, and either silver or gray in
color. He also told Multer that whatever comprised the UFO  was impenetrable, uncuttable, and
The Roswell UFO in Ohio
What is intriguing about this story of the
Roswell UFO coming to Canton, Ohio is
that other rumors have placed the
wreckage (and possibly alien bodies) at
Wright Patterson Air Force Base in
Dayton. Dayton, Ohio is only a few hours
southwest of Canton. Is it possible that the
recovered UFO first came to Wright
Patterson, with some of the pieces later
shipping up to Canton? After Timken
Company testing, could the strange
materials have shipped back down to the
air force base? The story of a UFO
traveling to Canton only further validates
the likelihood of the Roswell wreckage
having come to Ohio. It would make sense that keeping it close to Wright-Patterson would
have made sense for security purposes.

As for witness Ralph Multer, he died in 1982. Not known for embellishment, Multer's story,
which he kept close to the vest, reportedly never changed in the slightest detail. His family says
he thought about it the rest of his life. (Also see
Roswell UFO: Russian Hoax?)

Source: Ed Balint, The Canton Repository, August 23rd, 2010
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