Blackholes & Alien Communication

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Could Aliens Be Trying to Communicate Through Blackholes?
Some scientists are thoroughly convinced that extraterrestrials from other universes are
trying to communicate with us. So was Nikola Tesla. The famed scientist recorded
intelligent sounds which he believed were extraterrestrial communication from another
planet. After all, no one else on Earth had the ability to broadcast signals near his
Colorado laboratory or generate strong enough signals to reach his tower from far

Could Blackholes Be the Conduit for Alien Communication?
Where do black holes go? Perhaps they go to another universe or a parallel world. We
could maybe send messages to that world, and maybe others are trying to
communicate with us. Some scientists believe our universe rests at the bottom of a
black hole in a parallel world. Is there a way for us to communicate with alien life forms
on the other side of the black hole?
Black holes - Alien Communication
Even though black holes are powerful forces
that would shred most things to bits, it is
possible that messages could make their
way through a blackhole and only need
deciphered - put back together into
something intelligible.

Are our messages making it through to
extraterrestrial beings somewhere else? Are
they sending us messages? Possibly...
For decades, astronomers have detected powerful bursts of energy coming from the
farthest reaches of the cosmos. Is this alien communication that simply needs
decoded? You decide.