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The Many Variety of Humanoids
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager/Resident Ufologist
I recently went to a block party near my
neighborhood and met a blonde that I will call
Kathy Razzost (not her real name) and she
was telling me how a friend of hers,
encountered an alien that appeared to be
amphibious.  Of course, we easily get into
talk of the paranormal, since everyone I
associated with knows I am in the paranormal
business.  It made me think, on how aliens
have been described as looking like angels
(such as the Nordics) or look like our creepy
Grays.  Let’s briefly talk about the Grays.

In UFO lore Grays usually have large oval
eyes, grayish skin, thin neck, slit for a mouth,
large head.  There neotenous characteristics
give them a close resemblance to a human

Grays appear to be the dominant alien species here on Earth, but there have been other type of aliens
seen on Earth.  Let’s talk about a few of them.  UFO contactee George Adamski would have you believe
they look exactly like humans.  Then of course we have the angelic Nordics, with their flowing blonde
hair, attractive facial features and impressive physiques.  There is an actual report in which UFO
witnesses saw 2 Grays working side-by-side with two Nordic beings and a Bigfoot.  I don’t know how
much credibility can be said about this sighting, but it would make sense that the Grays would be
working with other alien lifeforms.  As for Bigfoot, perhaps this is some sort of interdimensional being
that is connected with the Grays for whatever grandiose purpose would be anyone’s guess.

Some aliens have been described as tall as 10 feet, while others have been described as being only
several inches high.  In the Voronezh incidents in Russia, aliens have been described as being robotic.  
In the case of Torakichi’s encounters with tengu in 19th Century Japan, aliens were described as goblin
like.  Alien abductee and author Whitley Streiber describes his encounters with everything from Gray
type of aliens, to a praying mantis alien and then his blue goblin worker aliens.  Perhaps our ancient
stories of elves, fairies, pixies, goblins, trolls
all originate with mankind’s encounters with
alien forces that they could not understand.  
Mischievous fairies were known to kidnap
children or pregnant women which parallels
the stories of how aliens are interested in our
reproductive and the excretory systems of

Many countries and cultures describe their
own type of aliens.  Perhaps aliens section
certain areas of Earth as their own, making
claim to certain territories of Earth. For an
example you have the Ikals.  These are dark,
hairy humanoids that have been related in
Mexican folklore from the Tzeltal people.  
They are described as three feet tall and are
associated with a luminous flying object.  They are also famed for their abductions of humans and have
the capabilities of paralyzing humans.   

Some aliens look like frogs, as in the case of the Juminda Incident.  The aliens that really creep me out
are the insectoids.  They are described as having long, spindly limbs, antennas and huge bug-like
eyes.  Some of these insectoids have been seen working side-by-side with those notorious grays.  
Some exotic sightings describe aliens known as Fachans.  You hear about the Fachan in folklore from
the British Isles.  Fachans are described as having one large eye, a hand reaching out from its chest
and a single leg ending in one foot.  The Pucusana Incident describes an encounter with a Fachan.  In
the West Virginia Flatwoods Incident, the alien was described as being 10 to 15  feet tall, with a red
face and luminous eyes.  Of course let’s not
forget the Mothman of West Virginia that has
huge wings, glowing eyes, no head.  Other
winged humanoids have been seen in places
like Vietnam and the British Isles.

As you can see aliens come in all shapes
and sizes.  There are even reports of aliens
that look like jelly or a big blob, while others
are similar to the alien in the movie the
Predator and are able to be partially invisible
or completely invisible.  If mammals did not
exist and dinosaurs continued to roam the
Earth, one of those dinosaurs would have
evolved to a reptilian being with intelligence.

The best candidate would have been the
Troodon aka Stenonychosaurus inequalis, a 1.2 meter tall, 70-kg carnivorous dinosaur with the
intelligence of an opossum.  What if Troodon had survived the asteroid impact at the end of the
Cretaceous period 65 million years ago and continued to evolve?  What we would have had on Earth
would be intelligent reptilian beings that resemble some of the alien encounters that people now have.  
If the planet was only populated with insects, perhaps one insect would have evolved with intelligence
and that is probably why some aliens resemble insects, because they are insects.

If we were to fully evolve, we may become pure energy beings, that do not require nourishment to
survive.  We would be creatures of pure energy that have the capabilities of walking through walls.
There are so many possibilities as the natural process of nature is to evolve.  This is probably why
aliens come to us in many appearances.

What is important that sightings of aliens are from credible witnesses.  If there is more than one
witness to a sighting and the witnesses describe the aliens in the same way, then the sighting could be
considered as credible, unless if the witnesses conspired to create a false event.  Some sightings may
be influenced by the movies, TV shows that we watch, but what is interesting is that no UFO witness
ever describes encountering a Klingon.

Hopefully there is a UFOlogist out there that is documenting every variety of aliens seen, where they
have been seen at, the type of clothing they wear, the events that took place when the aliens were
seen, the description of their ships, etc.  By putting all the pieces of the puzzle together is the only way
we will ever complete this paranormal mystery.   

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